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About the Company

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What is Leaseful?

Leaseful is a peer-to-peer marketplace for college students to sublease their unused rooms and book their own temporary housing. Quite basically, Airbnb for college kids.

Why should I use Leaseful?

It only takes two minutes to list your place and start earning money. And even less time to search for housing in cities across the US. Whether you’re a host or a guest, you get to do the fun stuff, while we handle all the logistics.

Why is Leaseful limited to college students?

When we founded Leaseful, we wanted to create a platform where college kids could deal with each other straight up. Away from craigslist creepers, scammers, bots, and the like. We love the transparency it provides, so, we’re keeping it that way.

Leaseful Partner Apartments

Because of the high demand for housing in big cities over the summer, we offer an array of places from our furnished housing company partners. Some of these apartments might seem a little pricey for a intern salary, but that’s because they’re fully-furnished, have utilities already paid for (WiFi, cable, electricity, water), and include linens, towels, kitchenware and bi-weekly cleanings. Many of the NYC apartments on our site also have 2 beds with linens and can comfortably sleep four or more — if you and your friend are trying to save money during the summer.

You can book these places, knowing they’ll be be safe and secure, with everything outfitted & ready for you move-in and start working!

We tested Leaseful Partners in Summer 2017 and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Parents were very happy to:

  1. Not have to pay a security deposit or first/last Months rent upfront.
  2. Know their daughter or son was living in a safe apartment, managed by a professional company.
  3. Save money by not having to book flights & hotels to find a place for their child in a miserable 48-hour time crunch.

Instant Booking

These rooms and apartments don’t require approval from the host before they can be booked. Just find your perfect place, choose your dates, and book!

Is Leaseful free?

Our platform is 100% free to list your place or book a stay. When a reservation is confirmed we do charge the host a small service fee to cover the cost of payment processing.

Guest Service fee: 0% - it's always free to book a place on Leaseful.

Host Service Fee: 5% is deducted from your subtotal to help cover the cost of payment processing, insurance, and our rent guarantee.


I messaged a host, but they didn't reply to my messages. What should I do?

Unfortunately, hosts don’t always respond promptly to messages. That’s why we display every host’s response rate on their listing page—so you know what to expect. Like many things in life, we don’t recommend you put all your eggs in one basket. It’s always a good idea to find a few places you like, and send messages to each of those hosts.

Why is it that some places allow instant booking, yet others require me to request to book?

Every host can choose to enable or disable the "Instant Book" option on their listing. While some hosts prefer the convenience of instant booking, others prefer to exchange multiple messages before accepting a booking.

Is every listing that I can see on the map available?

Yes. The Leaseful team constantly monitors the availability of our listings, and we try to remove all those that have gone off the market.

How are prices broken down? Do I have to pay a fee to use Leaseful?

Prices on Leaseful are displayed on a monthly basis, but are prorated down to the day. Every price on Leaseful includes prorated rent and utilities.

Do listing prices include utilities?

Every host is given the option to include utilities in their listing price. When you’re on a single listing, you can see if utilities are included by clicking "View Payment Details".

Why are exact property addresses not shown?

In order to protect our hosts’ privacy and safety, we only disclose their full addresses once you have a confirmed booking request with them.

Can I see if there are multiple bedrooms available in the same apartment?

Yes. At the bottom of every listing page, you can see links to "Related Listings in the Same Home".

Can I send multiple booking requests? Will I ever get stuck paying for more than one booking?

You’ll never get stuck paying for more than one booking. In fact, we encourage you to send multiple booking requests, because once a host accepts one of your requests, your other requests get auto-cancelled for you.

My booking request got accepted. What next?

First things first—celebrate! You can find all the details about your booking (such as your payment schedule, host’s phone number, email, and full address) on the "Upcoming Stays" page, as well as in a confirmation email you’ll receive from Leaseful.

I have a confirmed reservation. How do I get a key to my new place? What time can I expect to move in on my move-in date?

Once your reservation is confirmed, it is between you & your host to determine the easiest way to exchange keys, get access to your new home, and coordinate move-in & move-out. In order to simplify the process, we will provide you with your host’s phone number and email once your reservation has been confirmed.

How does payment work? Do I have to pay first month’s rent upfront?

You will be charged for your first month of rent when your booking request is accepted. From that point forward, you’ll be charged every month for your prorated rent and utilities, until your booking has been fully paid for. In order to learn more about your specific payment schedule, we suggest you visit your "Stay History".

How can I see when I owe payments to my host? And how can I be sure the host received the money?

You will get confirmation emails whenever your payment is processed, posted, and released. You can also get more information about your payment schedule by following this link.

How often do I have to make rent payments on Leaseful? What if I owe money for rent, but I don't have enough money in my account?

After your initial payment, you will be charged once a month for rent. We will email you an exact payment schedule, and it can also be found on your "Stay History".

What payment types are accepted?

We currently accept all major credit cards. We are working to implement Venmo and bank accounts as well.

What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?

You can cancel a booking request before it’s been accepted without any penalty (no charge). However, after a request has been accepted, we do not allow cancellations.

What happens if I book a place, and when I show up, it isn't as described? Is there a remedy for the situation?

Yes. Leaseful has you covered. We would put you up until we found comparable housing for you, or offer you a full refund for the duration of your stay.

A host declined my request? What should I do?

We are sorry to hear it! Hosts have full discretion over who does or doesn’t get to stay in their listing, so your request could have been declined for myriad reasons (i.e. their place is no longer available). We suggest you keep messaging hosts and sending booking requests for places you like.


Why should I use Leaseful to sublease my place?

Leaseful is more secure than alternatives like Craigslist, Facebook, or subleasing offline. We provide resources to make the process as easy and pain-free as possible for hosts: things like payment processing, $10K rent guarantee, and listing protection up to $10K.

How do I list my place on Leaseful?

First things first, you’ll need to sign up (link) for Leaseful with Facebook or a verified .edu email address. Then, you’ll head to List your Space (link) to add a title, description, photos, and a payout method. It takes less than 5 minutes, and you’ll be well on your way to making money subleasing your place!

What’s the best way to take photos of my place?

Most people choose to take photos with their smart phones. It’s best to take horizontally oriented photos, in good light. Try shooting photos in the afternoon, between 4pm and 7pm. Open up the curtains or windows, and try to take bright, clear, attractive photos. Make your place look nice! Guests are more likely to book listings that are well-photographed.

Do I have total control over the price of my place? And how do I know I’ll get paid by a guest?

You have total control. And you can change the price at any time by heading to Edit Your Listing (link to my-listings). We handle all payments from guests, and you’ll get money straight to your Venmo or bank account monthly as long as someone’s subleasing from you.

I received a booking request. How do I accept or deny it?

After a booking request is sent, you have 7 days to accept or deny it, before it expires. Just head to your account dashboard, and you should see a choice to accept or deny the request.

I have multiple requests to book my place. If I accept one, what happens to the rest?

Depending on the dates of each booking request, a couple of things can happen. If the booking dates do not overlap, then accepting one of the requests will not decline the other. You can accept or deny each one independently of each other! However, if the booking dates overlap, then accepting one of the requests will decline the other.

What’s my responsibility as a host? What should I do once I’ve accepted a booking?

As a host, you are expected to provide a clean, livable, and well-kept accommodation for your guest. You are also responsible for providing your guest access to your place & being communicative throughout the duration of their stay, especially if there are any issues.

Why does it take 1-2 business days after a guest moves in before I get paid?

We do this to ensure the quality of experience for every guest on Leaseful. The 1-2 days allows us to make sure that every host’s place is as described & suitable for every guest.

How does Leaseful protect my house or apartment from damage?

Leaseful covers your house or apartment for guest-inflicted damage up to $10K.

How does Leaseful guarantee my rent?

We guarantee your guest’s payments every month, to make sure that Leaseful hosts always get paid on time.

My place is no longer available. How do I delete it?

Head here to remove your listing. All you have to do is click "Delete Listing".


What info can I, or can I not share in messages?

We prohibit the sharing of contact info, such as phone numbers, email addresses, or social profiles within messages. We do this to protect hosts and guests alike. Repeated attempts to share such info will result in a frozen account.

Why do I have to send a message before submitting a booking request?

So that your host is more likely to accept your request! Everyone likes to know a little more information about the person who is going to be staying in their place for a while.

Can I send photos or videos through messages?

Currently, we don’t support this functionality. If you want to share photos or videos, you can add them to your listing on the "Edit Listing" page. If you have a special request for sharing information with your host or guest, just reach out to us on Live Chat and we can try to accommodate it!

Will I ever be able to see my guest or host’s last name, phone number, or email?

Yes! After a booking request is accepted, we will provide contact information for host and guest.


How do payments work on Leaseful?

Leaseful processes all payments for bookings on our site. We do things this way so that as a guest, you won’t have to worry about writing a check to your host on the first of the month, or sending out a Venmo for those pesky utilities. And as a host, you know you’ll get your money, every month, straight to your bank or Venmo account.

Ok, cool, but how does it all actually work?

We charge guests for first month’s rent when their booking gets accepted. We then charge second month’s rent exactly one month after move-in, third month’s exactly two months after move-in, and so on.

P.S. Because Leaseful encourages you to book down to the specific day, the last month’s rent is always prorated.

As a guest, when exactly does my first payment happen?

When you instant book a stay on Leaseful, you will be prompted to enter your card info, and immediately charged for your first month of rent.

When you request to book a stay on Leaseful, you will be prompted to enter your card info, but will only be charged for your first month of rent if and when your host accepts the booking request.

As a host, when exactly do I receive my first payout?

You will receive your first payout within 1-2 business days of your guest’s move-in date.

As a guest, when can I expect to be charged for rent every month?

A guest will be charged rent payments on the same day every month, in exact one month increments following a guest’s move-in date.

As a host, when can I expect to be paid every month for rent?

A host will receive the guest’s payment 1-2 business days after the guest is charged. So, payouts are monthly, correlated to the guest’s move-in date.

When I enter my card info, am I going to get charged right away?

If you are using the "Instant Book" feature, yes. Your card will be charged for your first month right when you book.

If you are sending a booking request, your card will not be charged immediately. You will only be charged if and when the host accepts your request. If your request expires, or the host declines it, you will not be charged for anything.

If I send multiple booking requests, is there any way I’ll get stuck paying for more than one booking?

No. Once a host accepts one of your requests, your other booking requests will be auto-cancelled.

Can I negotiate on a monthly price with my host or guest?

Yes. Once a host sets a price, it is not set in stone. If there’s a negotiation in which both parties agree on a price, the host can reflect that price by editing their booking and changing the monthly rent & utilities.

How can I see when I have to pay, or when I’ll get paid? Is there a payment schedule or receipt?

Once you’ve either booked a place, or received a booking, you will be emailed a receipt and payment schedule. You can also see your payment schedule at any time by visiting your Payments or Payouts page.


How do I know that my payment information is safe?

All data & information shared or exchanged on Leaseful is protected by SSL encryption. We do not store users’ payment information, rather it is securely encrypted & stored by our payment processor, Braintree (a PayPal company).

If I’m a host, how do I know my place is safe? And that I’m going to be paid rent?

Leaseful protects your place from damage with our Leaseful listing protection. We guarantee all rent payments from your guest with our $10K rent guarantee.

How does Leaseful stay limited to college students?

We perform a number of measures, such as Facebook authentication and .edu email address verification to protect our users. We do constant security checks & account audits to maintain the integrity of the platform.

Payment Schedule Preview*

Guest books an apartment for $450 a month from Feb 15th to April 30th

  • First payment - If your host accepts - $450
  • Second payment - February 15, 2018 - $450
  • Third payment - March 15, 2018 - $450
  • Fourth payment - April 15, 2018 - $225

*if your request expires or is denied by the host, you will not be charged.

What about my landlord or the leasing office?

Leaseful is a platform for “un-official” subleasing.

Whether or not you decide to get your landlord's approval is up to you. The vast majority of landlords have a more hands-off management style and don't need to be looped into your activities as long as the rent gets paid on time each month. Apartment buildings have little to no idea who comes into their buildings day in & day out. If anything, landlords and apartment complexes are happy to have Leaseful protect their apartments for $500,000 in damages and guarantee rent payments.

We proudly have a 0.0% incident rate in all past bookings; and landlords and apartment buildings have never had an issue with a student subleasing to another student. At the end of the day, a host’s belongings are still there and a guest might as well be a cousin who is in town visiting.

If you have any other questions about how Leaseful works, don’t hesitate to open up chat in the bottom right to speak with with one of our team members.